Grasshopper Mowers

Grasshopper mowers have been built by the same family for over half of a century, making them some of the finest the industry has to offer. When it comes to making repairs or routine maintenance for your Grasshopper mower, you need top-quality parts. These parts can be found right here at Bahrns Equipment. We take pride in giving our customers products they can trust. Your first choice for repair and maintenance for your Grasshopper mowers and other lawn care equipment should be Bahrns Equipment.

Over the past 50 years the Grasshopper, a family-owned business, has excelled at building high-quality mowers for use in the home and lawn maintenance industry and is a leader in Front Mount Mowers. The mowers are known for being both tough and durable. They are also quite popular due to their Power Fold Deck. Since 1969, they have been the leading innovator for Zero Turn riding lawn mowers.

Gen Showroom

Some of our favorite Grasshopper models are the 623, 725D (which is also the most popular) and the 721. To help you choose the model that would best fit your needs you can use this Grasshopper model chooser by clicking here or reviewing other products via the Grasshopper website here.

Our goal is to provide customers with superior service and support. For further questions on purchasing a Grasshopper Mower, call us at 1-800-432-2909. or email us at