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Contractor Equipment involved a wide assortment of machinery to assist with projects and builds. Bahrns Equipment, Inc. is a certified dealer of numerous contractor equipment. We have new as well as used equipment available for your business. 


Kubota Construction Equipment 

Bahrns Equipment, Inc has had a relationship with the Kubota brand since 1976. Kubota Tractors, Back Hoes, Track Hoes and Compact Excavators are known for their toughness for the job at hand and comfort for operator. Kubota's Skid Steer Loaders have multitude of attachments such as hammers, snow blowers, rotary cutters, graders, tillers, tree pullers and even a versatile base for grapples. 

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Aerial Lift Brands

JLG Line Up


Since 1969 JLG has been producing some of the most trusted equipment in the industry. Engine Powered Boom Lifts, Electric & Hybrid Boom Lifts, Low level Access Machinery, Vertical Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Telehandlers, Towable Boom Lifts and Utility Vehicles. JLG has been building machinery to get you to new heights and Bahrns Equipment has the know how to get you the JLG machine that suits your needs. 

Skytrak 6042


SkyTrak has been the number one selling brand of telehandlers and for good reason. Their telehandlers feature an improved boom function speeds, single joystick which allows greater multifunction capability. Their telehandlers also feature an integrated arm rest and optional air conditioning for increased comfort. SkyTrak's Tier 4 Final engines are fuel-efficient creating less stress on the environment. 

Genie Group


Like Bahrns Equipment, Genie was founded in 1966. They began with manufacturing compressed air operated material lifts. Today they have a reputation for putting out some of finest aerial lifts and telehandlers in the industry. Genie manufactures Electric and Bi-Energy Lifts, telescopic Boom Lifts, Articulating Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts and much more. 

Aerial Lift Types

Scissor Lifts – Platform work areas that can be extended vertically, on a platform that is mobile, these are the backbones of painting and construction crews. They provide room for multiple workers, along with space for equipment. 

Articulating Boom Lifts – For working in cramped space, an articulating boom lift provides a knuckled configuration that allows the work platform to be maneuvered into tight spaces. They can be driven around with the lift extended, and their narrow bodies make it easy to navigate narrow aisle ways. 

Vertical Personnel Lifts – Small, one-person lifts can squeeze through extremely small doorways, they come in manual or engine-driven configurations. These are only usable for the smallest of jobs. 

Telescopic Boom Lifts – When you need to the maximum reaching capability, a telescopic boom lift is what you need. While it’s not quite as maneuverable and flexible as an articulating boom lift, it can reach the upper levels of buildings easily. 

Telescopic Handlers – These construction workhorses are easy to maneuver on tight job sites with poor terrain, and can raise tons of materials up to the highest reaches of new buildings. They can take a beating, they’re easy to use, and few job sites can function without at least one on hand. 

Material Lifts – Similar to fork lifts, material lifts are capable of off-road work and going across poor terrain. They can be used to lift up to a half-ton vertically. 

Needing Contractor Equipment? Bahrns Equipment is your source for the very best manufacturers of contractor equipment with the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. 

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